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Our Story

When your clients are looking for the pump they need to get the job done, they demand quality, dependability, and efficiency. With over 35 years of manufacturing experience, Ashland Pump has been, from day one, dedicated to equipping our partners to be able to serve their customers.

Ashland, Ohio has long been recognized as the world’s central hub for both residential and commercial-use pumps and accessories, and Ashland Pump embodies the idea of doing business the right way. We’re dedicated to getting back to the basics: great craftsmanship and quality at the right place, right when you need it. In 2012, we entered the wholesale channel in response to the growing need for pumps you can count on backed by a team who is there for you at every step. And as a small, privately-owned company, we aren’t concerned with stock prices or shareholder happiness. We care about you and your ability to stake your reputation on the quality and lasting power of every job you do. That’s who we’ve always been. That’s who we will always be.

Your success means everything to us. And we’re working every day to ensure your clients continue to look to you for exactly what they need, exactly when they need it.

Why Choose Ashland Pump?

When your clients need the right pump for the job, they need it now, not six weeks from now. We understand the needs of you and the people who rely on you. That’s why we have built our company to help you get the job done, every time. With a focus on dependability, quality, innovation, customer support, and maintaining inventory levels that ensure we have what you need right when you need it, we’ve engineered your success into the very fiber of our organization.

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We are all about pumps. Waking up every day, our sole focus is on providing you with the pumps and pump accessories your clients need. Many manufacturers operating in the wholesale pump market are subsidiaries of much larger companies. By definition, that means their primary focus is on maximizing returns for their shareholders. When you choose Ashland Pump as a partner in helping you build and maintain your reputation for excellence, you have a full team behind you working toward one common goal: your success.

Each product we make goes through extensive testing. For over 35 years we’ve not only delivered pumps that sell, we’ve delivered the promise of getting your order fulfilled correctly. We understand you’re running a business of your own. That means you need financial security in your inventory. Ashland Pump stands behind our products and our CSA/CUS approved facility.

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Ashland Pump is the greatest

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